System Description Lara Heavy Load

  • Suitable for pane weights till 500 / 600 kg.
  • For glass thickness of 44 – 64 mm.
  • Simple installation.
  • German General Building Inspectorate Approval (abZ).

System Description Twinloc

  • GUTMANN TWINLOC connectors meet the full scope of building supervisory approval
    requirements for mullion-transom and purlin-rafter connections.
  • Easy installation: lateral mounting or insertion of the transom from behind.
  • Fast connection: center connection screw blocks in all three dimensions.
  • Versatile: various connector lengths are available for different transom thickness.
  • Easy assembly with drilling and sawing template.
  • Precise installation: depth stop using transom milling.
  • Perfect appearance: concealed installation on three sides.
  • Tight joints thanks to closure with only one tool over the entire connector length.
  • Easy assembly: two identical connector parts.
  • Same construction for single and double connection.
  • Embossed ribs prevent turning under eccentric glass load.
  • System Cross Section