More experience, more competence, more benefits, this is what the companies in the GUTMANN Group stand for: GUTMANN — GARTNER — NORDALU

ogether these three companies provide a unique combination of expertise and services. The GUTMANN Group is one of the few in the field that is able to provide such a broad range of services from one source. The Group harnesses decades of experience to produce premium aluminium products for nearly all market sectors.

GARTNER EXTRUSION GmbH is a market leader in the field of top quality precision profiles with extremely tight tolerances, which are applied, for example, in the fields of pneumatic and electric drive applications. GARTNER is also leading in profiles, composite structural components for curtain wall projects as well as component manufacturing for the medical industry and other sectors.

NORDALU GmbH excels in producing profiles with highly decorative surfaces, also used in the sanitary industry. NORDALU is able to meet the high demands for shape, appearance and functionality by means of special machines developed exclusively for that purpose.

Offering flexibility and a broad range of profiles makes GUTMANN AG a reliable partner for all industries. ­GUTMANN meets the requirements of the electrical engineering / photovoltaics sector particularly well. Furthermore, GUTMANN AG has been a successful provider of building system sections for decades.

Customers not only benefit from the very specific competence fields of the individual companies but also from the joint range of services provided by the entire ­GUTMANN Group.