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We offer curtain wall systems, doors, windows, architectural bronze systems, wood-aluminum, PVC windows and doors, along with building fitting systems...

Additionally, we supply precise extrusions to the construction, automotive, machinery, and electromechanical industries.

Tender Stage

  • Design Proposals & Systems Samples
  • Therman Calculation
  • Materials Technical Data
  • Preliminary Structural Calculations
  • Sound Insulation Expert Advice
  • Material Estimates & Lists
  • 3D Visualization & 3D Printing Center
  • Inhouse Crimping Machine and Pretesting
  • Budgetary Prices

After Purchase Offer

  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Shop & Die Drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Cutting Lists
  • Mock-up Construction
  • Mock-up Testing
  • Training for Fabrication, Assembly & Installation
Red BoxOur Projects

Special Projects

Our Special Projects Division specializes in crafting exceptional luxury villas and mansions. With unparalleled expertise, we offer tailored solutions for every need, employing advanced engineering and meticulous attention to detail. Our aim is to surpass client expectations, turning their dreams into stunning realities, epitomizing luxury and craftsmanship.