The GUTMANN Group aims to develop top-quality products in economically and ecologically compatible procedures, which are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly throughout their entire life span. Having high quality standards is one of the GUTMANN Group principles growing increasingly more important. We never stop working to raise our standards. Being good inspires us to become even better.

As part of our quality management, we continuously re-evaluate and improve our services, our customer focus, as well as our own technical, social, and personal competence in order to optimize the quality of our overall work. Our internal quality assurance system guarantees that only absolutely flawless components are sent on to the next process step. The result: highly precise and functional products, which can be incorporated smoothly into our customers’ manufacturing processes.

We particularly dedicate ourselves to a resource saving production. This translates in an economical use of the aluminium resource and gearing our manufacturing process towards recycling. Our goal is to operate in closed and loss-free circuit production and material flow.

Aluminum scrap resulting out of the production process is melted in our own remelting plant. The melt aluminium is processed into high value aluminium ingots which flow back in the production our aluminum profiles.

An energy management system following DIN EN ISO 50.001 helps us to reduce energy consumption and to continuously improve the energy efficiency of our plants. Our goal: ”Best practice”.

All employees are sensitized to ecological and economical issues and individually contribute to the environmental protection and the implementation of our Energy Management System.