GUTMANN Burglar Resistance - Systematic Thermal Insulation

GUTMANN offers a large selection of wood-aluminium systems for burglar protection that can be executed in many versions, depending upon visual and technical requirements. All versions satis­fy current requirements according to the DIN EN 1627:2011 standard and, depending upon model, achieve RC 2 or RC 3 classification (corresponds to the earlier WK 2 or WK 3 classification).

System Cross Section

RC 2 with locking profile

RC 2 with bonding

RC 3


The following variants or model designs provide classification RC 2 burglar resistance:

  • GUTMANN MIRA, MIRA contour, MIRA contour integral
  • Sash sizes from really small to really large: sizes are only limited by fitting limitations
  • Wood species over 0.43 kg/dm³ specific gravity (spruce and above)
  • Wood thicknesses 68 mm and above
  • Single and double rebate constructions
  • Various opening types: side hung, tilt & turn, double-sashed window, transom, fixed glazing, panel
  • Available with fittings from GU, Maco, Roto, Siegenia and Winkhaus
  • Fitting axis 9 mm and above
  • Burglar resistant P4A pane can be installed on the inside or outside

Different variants can even be produced in RC 3 elements:

  • Basic selection of wood-aluminium systems such as GUTMANN MIRA, MIRA contour, MIRA therm 08
  • Sash sizes from small to large: sizes are only restricted by fitting limitations
  • Wood thicknesses 78 mm and above