GUTMANN FPS.I - Fall Prevention System

Modern architecture without fall prevention devices made of glass for French Balcony doors is unthinkable. Contemporary architecture values free vision to the outside without visual restrains. The GUTMANN FALL PREVENTION DEVICE unites security and transparency in a frameless, timeless design, the device being built in the window outer frame making it almost invisible from the outside as from the inside. This intelligent in frame integrated fall prevention device allows building without bulky and unaesthetic adds on construction to the structure.


  • GUTMANN MIRA, MIRA contour and MIRA contour integral
  • Every wood species approved for window manufacturing
  • Highest security – TRAV
  • All wood thicknesses >= 66 mm
  • Rebate geometries: single rebate, double rebate, pitched rebate
  • All inward opening types with comparable rebate geometry
  • Free choice in fittings

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