GUTMANN Window Handles

Good design opens up possibilities for every window series

The overall effect is only correct when windows and handles speak the same design language. The GUTMANN lightweight-metal handle family with 7 mm square spindle is perfectly matched to the GUTMANN R 5 and RI 5 fittings. The standard handle is available in white and a stainless steel look.

The designer handle with a stainless steel or titanium look was developed exclusively for

GUTMANN. As an all metal handle with rosette, it impresses with its high-quality, extra heavy execution. The timeless linear form in combination with the exquisite stainless steel look stands for elegance and value.

All handle models are mounted in spring bearings and are available with an oval rosette.

GUTMANN handles are supplied with mounting hardware and 24 mm long square spindles.

Schematic Illustration