GUTMANN R 5 Fittings - System Description

The new generation of tilt and turn fittings


  • The fittings are available with silver and white surfaces and stainless steel look
  • Burglar resistance WK 1/RC 1 – WK 3/RC 3
  • All fitting components are pre-installed and self-positioning
  • All components are attached to the front using latching mechanisms (clip-on)
  • With only 2 hinge models and an additional kit, sash weights of 110 kg, 140 kg and 170 kg can be achieved
  • Subsequent adjustments of contact pressure (- 0,5 mm), lateral adjustment (+1 /-1 mm) and height (+2 / -1 mm) are possible with already-installed fittings
  • Retrofit of locking cams is possible without taking the sash off the hinges
  • Manufacturing tolerances are balanced when the mechanism handle is used
  • No special tools required
  • Integrated gap ventilation


  • Opening of the driving rod channel is not required, because all fitting components are clip-on
  • No calculation and cutting of locking rods is required, thanks to the modular locking rod system
  • Locking rods are connected using punching screws, so no drilling or punching of locking rods is required
  • No locking rod interruptions in the espag mechanism area
  • All fitting components can be removed in their installed state


  • Sash dimensions of 1,700 x 2,700 mm (W x H) are available
  • One-hand operation of wide sash
  • No pressure on the espag mechanism when screwing the window handle together
  • Tested according to product standard DIN EN 13126-8:2006

GUTMANN RI 5 Fittings

  • A concealed fitting for sash weights up to 130 kg
  • Sash dimensions of 1,700 x 2,700 mm (W x H) possible
  • Burglar resistance WK 1/RC 1 – WK 3/RC 3