ARCHITECTURAL BRONZE - for elegant curtain wall designs

GUTMANN AG offers a true gem for those seeking the exceptional in architecture. Window and curtain wall system profiles made of architectural bronze give a building a unique appeal. Based on the MIRA, BRAGA, and LARA GF wood-aluminium systems, all profiles can also be produced in bronze if desired.

Beautiful and natural design

Its lively surface makes architectural bronze extraordinarily versatile and applicable for rural, rustic or modern styles. The coppery metal goes well with many other building materials and sets trends in window and curtain wall construction. Natural tones ranging from copper to bronze brown to anthracite give modern buildings with architectural bronze individual accents.

Weather-resistant and maintenance-free

But the premium metal has more to offer than just an attractive appearance: Unlike other materials, architectural bronze does not require maintenance and is resistant to harmful effects from weather and environment. The natural patina of the metal protects its surface against damage such as scratches. Over time, the appealing protective layer in shades anywhere between deep brown and anthracite grey develops on its own on sloped surfaces. Bronze profiles have qualities comparable to those of aluminium. Their linear expansion during temperature fluctuations is somewhat less, while their stability is a bit higher.

GUTMANN ARCHITECTURAL BRONZE is available in factory lengths of 6,000 mm and as mechanical corner joints