System Description

Unitised curtain wall with 68 or 78 mm face width

  • High degree of prefabrication and superior workmanship quality with low installation
  • Frame appearance with surrounding glass bead or as SG or semi-SG variant with basic
    10 mm butt joint (20 mm optional).
  • Corner connections manufactured with mitre joint.
  • Overlapping sealing system using butt joints.
  • Glass thickness 26 mm to 38 mm.
  • Size W x H 2,600 x 3,600 mm with max. 300 kg element weight.
  • Components optionally S70+ and S80+.
  • Special construction EF68+ for property solutions with optimised insulators and gaskets
    for holding glass thickness up to 52 mm.
  • Not in stock.

System Properties of Classes

Water tightness


Wind load

1,35 kN/m2
2,03 kN/m2

Air permeability


Mechanical strength


Thermal Insulation

Uf (middle)

Ucw triple1

Element size: 1,230 x 1,480 mm | Ug value: 0.7 W/m2K | Glass spacer: Swisspacer Ultimate