MF400 Sliding Closure

The elastic aluminium sliding closure prevents plaster cracks at the window.

Aluminium window sills are subject to temperature fluctuations They contract when it is cold, expand when it is warm. This produces a risk of plaster cracks. But not with the GUTMANN MF400 sliding closure. The elastic aluminium sliding closure provides 3 mm expansion compensation, preventing damage to the plaster and masonry around the window.

Product details

  • No plaster cracks: stainless steel spring provides up to 3mm of expansion compensation
  • Ideal for use in external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS)
  • Tightly sealed corner: tested in ETICS facade element
  • Available with overhangs from 110 mm to 500 mm for GUTMANN window sill systems
  • White, silver and brown standard colors, all RAL colors are available