A.U.F. certificate

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A shared objective

Using innovative technologies to protect the environment, save our resources, improve quality of life and work more efficiently. A.U.F. is a partnership of system vendors, processors and suppliers for the aluminium industry. A.U.F. promotes a future-proof, environmentally conscious approach to working with aluminium.

The recycling of old aluminium windows, doors, curtain walls and the corresponding composite products, such as wood-aluminium windows, clearly emphasises a commitment to sustainability. A.U.F. ensures a qualified material cycle for aluminium in both Germany and Europe.

Raising awareness for sustainable and energy-efficient use

“As an international provider of sophisticated window, door and façade solutions in aluminium, we bear particular responsibility to our customers, employees, society and the environment,” explains Arnd Brinkmann, Vice President of GUTMANN. “To meet this responsibility, the GUTMANN Group has committed to ensuring resource-saving production. This includes careful use of aluminium as a material and a production process that is focused on recycling.” The aim is to create a production and material cycle that is as self-contained and loss-free as possible. An energy management system helps to reduce energy consumption and to continuously improve the energy efficiency of the plants, with a focus on best practices.

“A. U. F. gives us opportunities to share experiences between members in workshops and campaigns on the topic of sustainability and aluminium, so that we can continue to improve our expertise in terms of sustainability and communication. Careful use of the material aluminium is our shared commitment to future generations,” explains Arnd Brinkmann.