GUTMANN is expanding its accessories range for aluminium exterior window sills. With expertise and consistency, this further enhances the system concept. The new, innovative RV-KSI window sill holder from GUTMANN is made of high-quality polyamide plastic. This material significantly improves thermal insulation values in the façade.

The new accessory from GUTMANN ensures reliable stability as well as rapid fastening to the window sill thanks to an intelligent clip mechanism in the front area of the holder. It’s an additional plus for fabrication. The GUTMANN RV-KSI window sill holder is suitable for use in GUTMANN GS 40 and GS 25 window sill systems.

A shared objective

Using innovative technologies to protect the environment, save our resources, improve quality of life and work more efficiently. A.U.F. is a partnership of system vendors, processors and suppliers for the aluminium industry. A.U.F. promotes a future-proof, environmentally conscious approach to working with aluminium.

The recycling of old aluminium windows, doors, curtain walls and the corresponding composite products, such as wood-aluminium windows, clearly emphasises a commitment to sustainability. A.U.F. ensures a qualified material cycle for aluminium in both Germany and Europe.